Verrucas are an infection of the skin caused by the HPV virus found on the feet.

Most Verrucas are harmless and clear up without treatment. The length of time it takes for a Verruca to disappear will vary from patient to patient.

You may decide to treat your Verruca if it is painful, causing you discomfort or embarrassment.

Common methods of treatment include:

Home Treatment – Using over the counter preparations.

Acids – Require weekly treatments and the foot and dressings need to be kept dry.

Cryotherapy – A local anaesthetic is required and post operative pain is usually experienced.

Hounslow Foot Clinic are excited to be one of the first clinics in the UK to be able to offer a new type of treatment for warts and verrucas using SWIFT microwave therapy. The microwaves destroy the infected skin and stimulate the immune system directly.

During clinical trials 76% of lesions resolved with 2.3 treatments and 94% of lesions resolved after 3 treatments.

If you have a persistent or painful verruca and you have tried other treatments then SWIFT may be the treatment for you. As with all treatments success is not 100% guaranteed but the success rate of SWIFT is higher than that of other previously available treatments.

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