Foot Care Products

Here at Hounslow Foot Clinic we stock a large range of insoles and orthotics which are designed to help our patients with many foot conditions and pain.
From 1st May 2015 we are pleased to stock two new ranges of products to compliment our treatments neither of which are available to buy on the high street.

Dr.'s Remedy

Dr.'s REMEDY is a podiatrist formulated nail care collection that is the only nail polish to receive the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) seal of approval. Dr.’s REMEDY®, Enriched Nail Polish is a patented blend of naturally occurring, non-toxic, nourishing ingredients not found in traditional lacquers. Every bottle is free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, parabens, and phthalates—all potential carcinogens. Dr.'s remedy can be used in conjunction with topical fungus medications or nail fungus products and will not make the condition worse, unlike most nail polish products.

Dr.'s REMEDY appeals to a wide range of patients which may include:
• Patients with yellow, discoloured nails and dry, brittle nails
• Diabetic patients
• Pregnant women looking to avoid harsh chemicals
• Children who wish to limit exposure to formaldehyde
• Patients with strong healthy nails who want to keep them that way
• Vegans, Dr.'s Remedy utilizes a range of organic ingredients.


 A new range of footcare creams forming a complete solution to maintain healthy feet. Formulated with the finest ingredients, Ureka is suitableto treat a variety of foot problems, luxuriously and effectively.The range includes 25% Urea cream, 10% Urea cream, Deodorant Footcare cream and Tea Tree Footcare cream.

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