All Podiatrists working within Hounslow Foot Clinic are members of The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and are Registered with The Health Professions Council. Podiatrists diagnose and treat a wide range of problems relating to the foot.

You can be confident that any instruments used are fully sterilised prior to use. If you would like a relaxing footbath before your treatment please request this when booking your appointment and you will be asked to attend 15 minutes earlier. We do not charge any extra for this. 

Corns & Callous

This is Routine Treatment. Callous is an area of hard thickened skin caused by rubbing and friction. A corn is a localised area of hard thickened skin caused by excessive direct pressure.
Both can develop anywhere on the feet and can be due to wearing incorrect footwear, deformities of the feet or poor foot mechanics.

Ingrown Nails

These occur when the edge of the nail pierces the skin in which it lies causing the area to become inflamed, painful and in the majority of cases infected. Ingrown toenails can be caused by a wide and rounded nail plate, poor nail care, tight footwear or an injury or infection. Although more commonly found in the big toe they can occur in any toe.
Depending on the cause the treatment can vary and may be solved by simply removing the offending spike but sometimes may require nail surgery under local anaesthetic to permanently remove the offending section.

Nail Surgery

In some cases of ingrown nails the section of nail that is ingrowing can be removed and a chemical applied to the nail bed to stop this part of the nail growing again.
This is a simple procedure that is undertaken under local anaesthetic with a cosmetically pleasing result.


A verruca is a foot wart. They are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that enters the skin through a cut or abrasion. They can occur as a single vurruca or as many verrucae spread around the foot or in irregularly shaped groups known as Mosaic. There are various treatments available and your Podiatrist will discuss the options available. We are now able to offer the latest treatment SWIFT Microwave Therapy which has the highest success rate of any Verruca treatment currently available in the UK.

Foot Pain

The foot is a very complex structure consisting of 26 bones and many associated muscles, tendons and ligaments. Small structural and functional imbalances can affect the foot in many ways. The most common forms of foot pain are Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain ) or Neuroma.

Biomechanics & Orthotics

Biomechanics is the study of foot pain and discomfort in relation to foot function.
A biomechanical assessment can assist in identifying the cause of pain and the loss of foot function and imbalance. The restoration of normal foot function can involve exercises ,simple insoles or orthotics.


  • Fungal Infections of Nails and Skin
  • Cracked Heels
  • Damaged Nails
  • General Foot Pain
  • Heel Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Diabetic Foot Care

Ingrowing Toenails

Here at Hounslow Foot Clinic we see and treat a large number of ingrowing toenails.

There are many causes of Ingrowing Toenails including the shape of the nail, trauma or injury or just badly cut toenails.

Sometimes by simply removing the offending splinter or spike of nail it is sufficient to solve the problem. If the nail continues to regrow in the same way or you have had a history of recurring ingrowing toenails and want a permanent solution then a simple procedure under local anaesthetic can be undertaken.

This procedure involves an injection of local anaesthetic into the base of the toe to numb the area and the offending part of the nail and nail bed is removed and a chemical (phenol) is applied to the nail bed so that this part of the nail does not regrow.

This procedure is carried out in the clinic in Hounslow. Under certain conditions usually due to medical history or current medication we may advise you to have this undertaken in a hospital situation that we can easily arrange for you.

Most major health insurance providers will cover in some circumstances the cost of this procedure.

If you are not covered by Private Health Insurance then we offer an affordable package price that includes the procedure & follow up appointments as required until the nail has healed.

For further information or advice on how to proceed please Stephanie O’Neill at the clinic directly on 020 8570 1759

Toenail Reconstruction

Nail Reconstruction

  • Are you concerned with the appearance of your nails?
  • Are they discoloured, thickened or damaged?
  • Are you ashamed of embarrassed to show them off in the summer?

Hounslow Foot Clinic has the solution.

We are now able to offer Wilde - Pedique which is a flexible resin to rebuild fungal, broken or damaged nails.

It can also be used on patients that only have a partial nail due to surgery.

Wilde - Pedique is semi permanent and will grow out like a natural nail. You can file them, apply nail varnish, bathe and swim with them just like a natural nail. 




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